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Marge's Recipes

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Have you ever slaved over the stove, carefully making a weed infused butter or oil. Then you make and bake a carefully chosen cookie recipe and excitedly taken a bite of your fresh cannabis cookies only to find that they suck?  You don’t get high, or if you do, it takes a dozen cookies to get there.  They taste so strongly of weed you’re tempted to just launch the rest of the batch into the backyard for the squirrels to get fucked up on.  A real kicker when they appear to use them as nest material – even the neighbourhood rodents know that your edibles are shit.  In frustration you just head out the door to the local dispensary for expensive edibles full of questionable ingredients at a dosing level that’s either too high or too low.  “Maybe making edibles, just isn’t for me” you think.

Enter Marge.


Hi. Marge here, thanks for stopping my ‘about Bite Me podcast’ page.  For starters, I just wanna let you know that you can make great edibles at home!  It just takes a little patience, some great direction (from moi) and a willingness to eat  a fuck ton of edibles in the process. Practice makes perfect so you better work up your appetite!  I’ve made all the mistakes and after making great edibles that I personally enjoy night after night (after night after night after night) I’ve learned a thing or two.  While I’m not a professional chef, I am an avid cook who has successfully managed to never poison or kill any family member through food in my 20+ of cooking.  Odds are you’re not a professional chef either!  That means that you’re less likely to find messy, difficult or time consuming recipes or instructions here but edibles that are fun, easy and effective!  Lets the leave the tricky stuff to the pros with culinary degrees n’ shit, shall we?  The fact is, I’m busy, you’re busy and we both like edibles!  I’ve found that the best way to make edibles accessible to more people is to help them make them themselves.  Really, there’s nothing more thrilling than a successful batch of tasty treats that give you a nice relaxing high.  It’s like posting pics of your newborn babe on Facebook for the world to see for the first time!

You may wondering, why now? why me?  Great questions folks!  For starters, I love edibles.  I’ve been making them for a few years now.  I also love podcasts and listen to a ton of them (I’m also on the show High on Homegrown).  So I combined my two loves and bam! Bite Me The Show About Edibles was born.  Turns out there’s a lot of other people out there who also love these things and want to make edibles at home too.  There’s a bunch of us!

This website features plenty of great resources for any budding home edibles cook.  In no time you’ll be wowing friends and family to the point they’ll start whispering “what’s her secret?!” or “I’m pretty he’s lying, he bought these and just took them out of the package”.

If you’re new here, you can start with these episodes.  They’re my most popular to date.  Each episode is under 30 minutes and most come in around 20 minutes but some are as short at 5 minutes.  So there’s no reason you can’t slide these episodes in between marathon sessions with Joe Rogan.

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